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Tips for Indoor Garden Design

Having indoor garden actually not a hard thing to do, in fact it is easier than you can imagine. You can just choose which part of your house which can be change in to indoor garden and also choose what kind of indoor garden you want. In this article, I will give you interesting tips on how to make indoor garden design and what you need to prepare, check it out.

Can you imagine a beautiful indoor garden in your house? If you already have imagination about indoor garden you want, it’s time to choose the design. But, before designing the park in a space with landscaper, there are several aspects that should never be forgotten, they are:

Sun Light

Any kinds of plants whether it’s inside or outside the house need sunlight for photosynthesis. If it gets a little or less sunlight, it’s going to have problem when processing nutrient or even can’t make it at all. If plants get less or a little sunlight than what it should be their branches and leaves will be elongated and will become yellow colored as well as weak and fragile.  To deal with this kind of problem, use lights that able to substitute sunlight.

As for indoor garden its best if we choose type of plants that only needs not too much light such as: Dracaena, philodendron, aglaonema and moss. As grass replacement for the indoor garden can be used Selaginella species.

And for lights for substitute sun light, do not use lamp that have very bright. Use lamp that not very bright, and the best choice is led indoor garden lights. It lights are not too bright but not too dim too, so it will be good for the indoor garden plants. Plus its need less electricity and last longer than any other lights, so it will save some of our money too.

Drainage System

As for drainage system, make them first. This drainage system will handle if there is too much water for plants and soil. The simple way for drainage system is by using perforate pipes which channeled into the disposal pit.


Water is one of the most important parts for plants, but there is something you need to remember clearly. The amount of water that needed for indoor garden plants and outdoor is completely different. Indoor plants only need a little water and only need once per day.

Nutrients & Growing Media

As for planting media, the material that going to be used should have a high porosity, so it’s able to avoid water puddle and preventing fertilizer to be washed away. These are material that can be used as planting media: zeolites, red lavarock, roasted husks, cocopeat.

Avoid using a planting medium that allows making a puddle because it allows worms or other animals in the planting media.

How to Promote Gardening Services

The main objective of printing catalogs is to be able to showcase your products and services in a way that readers will be enticed to order or hire you. In this case, gardening services catalogs can really help you promote your business. The multi-pages of these print materials allow you to present all your services as well as the garden products you offer in a neat but comprehensive way. Catalog prints are usually designed with vivid colors and printed in high-quality glossy papers to impress the readers. It’s not entirely in the design, though, that you should focus when designing your copy. The value that your readers will get from your catalogs is usually the reason that they hold on to them. Here are some tips to make your prints worthy of keeping:

Catalogs Content Ideas for Gardeners

o Tips and information that teaches your readers how to tend to a certain variety of plant or the entire garden will be great. People love it when they can do things all by themselves and not needing help for the simplest problems. Your prints should include valuable tips like how your readers can germinate seeds of a flower that is not on season. Teach your readers which kind of garden stones to use in certain type of soil or how to keep the lawn properly maintained.

o Give your readers in-depth knowledge about gardening, plants and landscaping. The genus and varieties of certain plants could be interesting to readers. To keep them hooked, include vivid images of the said plants. You can also tell them about each garden concept and how they started.

o Teach your readers why they should do certain things. Though your clients would love to know more DIY tips, they also want to know the reason behind every tip you are giving. Explain why you are recommending them to use mulches. Tell your readers that mulches help conserve soil moisture, reduce ground roots as well as control weeds.

o Correct the mistakes that most garden owners are commonly committing. There have been many gardening myths all over the world. Some of them can help improve gardens while some can just add to the problems. Teach your readers what among these myths are good and which are mistakes. For example, you can tell them that the myth about adding sand to heavy clay soil will not loosen it. It will, in fact, make the matters worst. Adding sand will just turn the clay more solid and hard. Adding compost and other organic matter is the correct way to loosen clay soil.

o Present solutions to the most common problems that gardeners encounter. For example, you can suggest adding polymer crystals in the planting hole for plants that absorbs more water. This can solve the problem of that plant out-drinking every other plant around it.

These value-added contents will give your readers enough reasons to hold on to your catalogs. Also, your readers will be engaged with your prints because of the useful bits and pieces of information. These prints will help in establishing you as a credible and expert gardener. Response motivation is also another advantage of the contents. They might even show the copies to their friends or relatives. The more people saw or read your print, the better.


Finding the Best Tree Cutting Service

images-4Decorating the garden is an important hobby that many people share. For them, it is like a passion and they really enjoy doing so. They even spend large sums of money to fulfill their passion. While decorating the gardens, people always pay some special attention towards planting trees and plants, and take care of them at regular intervals. Growth of a tree depends on proper care where cutting of certain parts of the trees becomes necessary. Tree cutting or tree lopping is a special technique that not only guarantees better growth of the trees but it also helps them to look better.

Though you may find tree cutting or tree lopping an easy task, it is not so. It requires some specific skills and you may or may not be that comfortable in those skill sets. For this, you need the expert tree loppers in Brisbane South. To reach these tree loppers, you must look out for tree cutting service Southside Brisbane. The number of service providers is increasing rapidly these days. It is because of that you need to follow a few strong tips that can find you the best service providers in Southside and Brisbane.

Following are a few of these tips:

Check if the Company Has Active Insurance Policies:

This is an important thing that you should never overlook. Companies with reliable tree cutting service Southside Brisbane must be abide by the law of the land, and that is why it must have a valid insurance policy for all the field workers who are primarily engaged in cutting trees or shaping them as per your needs. You must insure this before hiring their services otherwise you would find yourself under some financial liabilities.

Settle the Cost Before You Start the Service:

Usually, the best tree loppers Brisbane south vary in their charges for their services. You must gather online quotes from all the leading companies in Brisbane that are engaged in this task. You should spend some time to compare them, and then reach the final decision as to which company to engage. This initial step can save you some money in the process.

Insist on Getting Into a Contract:

Though some companies hesitate to get into a written contract of any kind, you must insist on it. This would guarantee everything that you and the company for tree cutting service Southside Brisbane have agreed on. It must include the nature and features of the job, cost, and dates of starting and finishing the job.

Consider Experience and Skill:

As said earlier, the tree cutting service is extremely technical, and skilled people can make all the difference. To get the work in style, you must look for the skilled and experience tree loppers Brisbane South. Skilled people can finish the work within the specified time, and guarantee you better return of your money.

Apart from these, you should also look for the infrastructure and techniques that the best tree felling companies adopt while cutting or lopping the trees in Southside and Brisbane. These things can be very helpful for you to get the best services without making any mistakes.

Choosing Accessorize Your Outdoor Garden

The best way to decorate your home’s exterior is to place plants, flowers, and some garden accessories. Since plants and flowers seem common, you can awe your visitors by making a difference in your design using small or large commercial planters.

There are many kinds of indoor and outdoor planters that you can choose from. You just need to consider some factors in choosing the kind of planters you want to use such as weather, plants, the place where you want to put it, materials, and the likes.

Designer planters can be a good option to enhance the beauty of your home or any commercial establishments. One of the best example of designer planters is the Georgia Wrought Iron Planter with Real Copper Liner. You may also notice that most outdoor planters, especially the city planters, are made of wrought iron. It is because wrought iron does not only have great designs but it can also withstand an inclement weather which makes it ideal for outdoor use. Perhaps it is the main advantage of wrought iron planters among other types of outdoor planters.

Here are some ideas on how can a wrought iron planter such as the Georgia Wrought Iron Planter with Real Copper Liner can enhance the beauty of your home’s exterior or garden:


A veranda is a small outdoor extension of a room. So usually, big planters will not be able to fit there. However, planters can be freely customized to fit any place. Custom planters are determined according to customers’ specifications and often completed within two weeks. If you happen to like the design of let’s say, one of the big planters, but it couldn’t fit in your veranda, manufacturers can actually produce the same planter in a smaller size.


Hedges are commonly used as liners or boarders but is not appropriate to place in a patio. Big plantersmade of wrought iron can be a good replacement for hedges especially if you don’t really intend to hide anything. They are just a good way to divide small outdoor areas.


Since the walkway is usually an open space, you will definitely need durable commercial planters to protect your plants from inclement weather or anything that could damage them.

Outdoor Garden

Commercial planters may not be necessary in outdoor gardens but they can be a great accessory to enhance the beauty of your plants and flowers. If you want a more unique design, you may take a look at some modern planters made of wrought iron.

The durability of wrought iron planters makes it ideal for outdoor use. But it doesn’t mean you cannot use them indoors. There are modern planters made of wrought iron that has sophisticated design ideal for interior decorations. Don’t limit yourself with what your eyes can see. Widen your imagination with the kind of planter you want because custom planters are always available to suit your needs and satisfy your desires.